Six Best Index Funds to Buy

Are you looking for an easy way to diversify your investment portfolio? Every person wants to have a portfolio with more than hundred companies on it without having to do anything with trading fees. The most sensible and profitable equity investment an investor can make is in an index fund having low cost.

Following are six index funds that are right now the hottest in the market:

1.     Legal and General Index Fund 100

Legal and General is one of the cheapest funds in UK. However, it is only available through Hargreaves Lansdowne. This index fund costs at a low rate of 0.06pc. If a person buys this fund elsewhere, it will cost them 0.1pc. With this fund, a person can invest in the hundred largest companies of UK. This index fund allows the investor to sell or buy units every day. A minimum investment of £1m can be made and the fund size is £383.4m.

2.     BlackRock Equity Fund 100

This fund closely monitors the FTSE 100. This index fund costs at a low rate of 0.07pc. With this fund, a person can invest in the hundred largest companies of UK. A minimum investment of £100000 can be made and the fund size is £684.6m.

3.     Fidelity Index

This index fund aims at providing investors with big capital growth that matches FTSE’s All-Share performance. The fund holds the largest companies of UK that make the benchmark and some smaller company shares that are close to the benchmark. Shares can be sold and bought according to business days. This index fund costs at a low rate of 0.06pc, if the investor buys it through Fidelity Fund or Cavendish Online. If a person buys it from somewhere else, it will cost them 0.09pc. A minimum investment of £500 can be made and the fund size is £1947.4m.

4.     Vanguard Index

This index fund tracks the best and largest companies of UK. It has the FTSE developed World equity ex-UK. This index fund costs at a low rate of 0.15pc. This fund does not include British shares. A minimum investment of £100000 can be made and the fund size is £2129.0m.

5.     HSBC 100 Index

This fund helps investors invest in the top hundred companies as benchmarked by FTSE. This index fund costs at a low rate of 0.17pc. A minimum investment of £1000 can be made and the fund size is £0.68 B.

6.     Source Index 100

This fund provides the index of the hundred highly capitalised companies in UK, trading on London Stock Exchange. This index fund costs at a low rate of 0.20pc.

Bargaining is very important in the marketing business. Index fund is one of the most profitable ways to invest in UK’s cheapest bonds, stocks and funds. Buying an index fund, ETF or a tracker fund from the wrong broker or platform can put you in to debts that you cannot even imagine. If you want to avoid the hassle of paying commission to a broker or a manger then index fund is the best option for you to start your investment career.

What Makes More Sense Financially, Owning Vs Renting a Property

For some individuals, owning a property would be a more financially beneficial decision then renting a property, and vice versa. It all depends on the long-term goal of a person and the property they are investing their money in. We all have been through this dilemma once in our lifetime. There are a number of ways to calculate the net-cost of renting and buying the house. This will inform you of the potential value of the house overtime and the amount of money you will be spending on it. This will help you in making the right decision. Below we have mentioned the pros and cons of both of these alternatives.

Owning a Property

1.      Long-term Benefit

When you invest in a home or property, its value increase as the time passes by. Therefore, if you are planning to keep the house to yourself for a long term, chances are you will get the double of what you bought it for because the equity keeps building up.

2.      Taxes

People have an irrational believe that they are wasting their money on rent because they are not building equity with the rent payments they are making every month. However, even if it were true, you would have to put your money even if you plan of buying your own house. Moreover, the cost of renting is lower than the cost of owning the house. This is because of the property taxes, water and sewer services, pest control, homeowners insurance, natural disaster insurance, trash pickup, repairs and maintenance, and tees trimming services you pay for only when you own the house.

3.      Stability

It is true that owning your own house will be a less flexible choice, but it will offer you the stability you desire. The costs of mortgage are fixed, unlike the cost of renting, which keeps you prepared to pay a particular figure on a monthly basis.

Renting a Property

1.      No Repairing Costs

The best part about renting a property is that you do not have to pay the cost of maintenance of that home. Whether it is a small repair like breakage in the toilet, or a big one, the property owner of the house will have to fix and repair the breakage. This will cut your expenses and you can put that money in your saving account.

2.      Greater Flexibility

When you rent a house, you have the option to change the location any time you want. If there has been a change in the location of you workplace, or if you unexpectedly lose your job, you can find a place to rent near the office, or find a place with lesser rent, respectively.

3.      Cheaper Choice

Lastly, we all know that renting a home is cost effective, as compared to buying a home and paying heavy mortgages on it. What’s more, the utility costs are included in the rent, so you can save more and more money. There is no down payment requirement for renting a house either.

It is not always about the money. Rather, it is about your long-term goal – Your job security, satisfaction with the job, the house, and your plan on building a family – all this will determine if renting a property will be the right alternative for you or owning one.

Student’s advice for credits

Having your own credit card as a student opens up many opportunities for you, but remember that having credit also means that you possess a credit history, one which can either help or hurt your financial future. Building a strong credit history and maintaining it while you are a student secures your future as an adult.

1. Be sure to pay your monthly balance in full and on time, or at least meet the minimum monthly payments.

It is best if you send the payment check a week before the due date in order to avoid penalties on late payments and finance charges. If you are making up for a student loan, ensure that it is fulfilled as well. Remember that your credit score is a measuring stick for your credit reputation, and any missed payments, unfulfilled obligations, and inconsistencies in your credit report can severely hurt your chances for loan approval later on.

If you’re stuck in a tight spot and you can’t fulfill a payment, at least be honest enough to get in touch with your creditor and state your case. You may be surprised at how accommodating your creditor may be to the idea of establishing an alternative payment method to suit your predicament.

2. Be responsible and take the initiative to set your own credit limit.

Keep your spending well within this limit in order to avoid overextending it, and incur penalties as a result. Allot a portion for establishing a savings fund, and reserve it for potential emergencies. Show that you have the ability to repay your debts by maintaining your account balances beneath a rate of fifty percent on your available credit.

3. Get to know the terms you’re dealing with before you shop for a student credit card, and limit the number you apply for and be approved of.

This minimizes your debt exposure, as well as simplifies your record keeping. Remember that too much credit inquiries for a relatively short time will make it appear that you are desperate for credit because of a financial dilemma.

Use your credit sparingly and wisely. Before swiping your card for any purchase, be sure that what you’re paying for is something you really need right now, and that you are confident that you will be able to fully repay the amount, including the extra charges that go with it.

4. Take account of all your billing records and keep track of all the entries in it.

It also helps if you can maintain a separate savings or checking account, and that your work record is desirable by being continuously and gainfully employed. Try your best to graduate without incurred debts, but in case you do, make sure that you can afford to pay for it in addition to your other expenses.

If you’re debt becomes substantial enough, consolidate it from debts with high interest rates to a single debt with a reasonable rate. The savings on the new interest rates should be used to make up for the debts outstanding balance, allowing you to pay it off more quickly.

Payday Loans vs Credit Unions

There is an increasing number of people that believe in Credit Unions replacing Payday Loans in this war in lending business. Whether this is true or some kind of fiction is exactly the thing I want to discuss in this article. We all know everything that there is to know about payday loans, but our overall knowledge into credit unions is somewhat small, and due to that we will place our focus on credit unions and we will input some comparison with payday loans in it.

Establishing-creditCredit union

Credit union is made out of people who join together in order to provide current and saving accounts and loans to all its members. In many cases there is some kind of connection between members of the same credit union. Credit unions offer loans to its members, somewhat similar to online payday loans sites that connect borrowers and lenders, but in this case it is between trusted members of the union.difference-between-payday-loans-vs-credit-card1

There are many advantages of joining these unions rather than taking payday loans. People with low incomes prosper from these union, same people that would have taken payday loan if they had no choice. Interest rate in loans from these credit unions is a lot smaller than payday lenders offer, and other conditions of the loan are also better. For example in credit union they might give you extension on repayment of credit union short term loan, and it will not cost you anything, while on the other hand payday lender might extend your loan if he or they feel like doing, but that will cost you in either increased interest rate or one fixed payment for the extension.

Credit unions have existed for quite a lot of time, but they were not as popular as they are now. Their popularity is still growing and companies and organizations have big influence in that. Credit unions don’t have aggressive advertisement programs, and due to that majority of people are unaware of their existence and their benefits.

Payday lenders

In last few decades number of people that god indebted to payday lenders is high. Some of those people get very high debts which makes them quit job credit-cards-cashand search for higher sources of income in order to repay those debts. This is inconvenient for both workers and their companies. The companies don’t want unhappy workers who fail to do their job due to stress caused by unpaid payday loans. Since the number and size of credit unions increased those companies arguing their workers to become a part of one such union.

This is done to benefits of both parties. Workers will have a source of loans which will not strangle them with high interest rates and unfair conditions of loan repayment and companies will have workers that are free from payday loans clutches and they will be able to focus on their work.

So, I would say that credit unions are a lot better than payday loans, but the number of credit unions is fairly low, and right now not everyone can become a member of one.

What Are Mortgage Loans And How They Can Help You

Loans are something which we are all pretty much used to have. This method of acquiring additional funds almost seems inevitable and unavoidable. People all over the world use loans as means of financial assistance, and money is borrowed for different purposes and from different sources. However, banks and credit unions are usually the only places where we can go when we find ourselves in a situation where we need extra large quantities of cash. They offer their help with open arms, but with a reasonable fee, of course.


When it comes to buying a house, most people are unable to come with large enough sum to pay for the home at once. In this case they have to go to banks to borrow some money which would increase their buying power.

This method is called a mortgage, and loans issued for buying a real estate property are known as mortgage loans. This type of loans is widely spread all over the world, since it provides a great option for people to buy a house, but it also can be profitable for the bank as well. Banks earn interests on the loan, which is a small fee which they charge for their services. The service of giving their money to you, but they can benefit in other ways as well. Since they take a guarantee for the loan, which is called a collateral, and this is usually the house which the client is buying, banks are entitled to seize the property and become full owners of the location.

This happens only if the clients fail to honor the agreement and default the payments, and this activity is known as foreclosure. However, if the payments come in regular periods there is no need to worry and the bank will stay away from your home.

Mortgage loans

Mortgage loans have a very long expiration date, which usually goes up to 15 or 30 years, although banks offer different time frames as well. Monthly payments can be organized in two different types: fixed rate or adjustable rate. The first option means that the monthly installments will remain at the same level during the period of the loan, and the latter means that the rates will fluctuate and vary every year according to the external economical factors. The process of amortization, which is the term used for the entire activity of gradually reducing the loan, starts from the moment the loan is granted and lasts to the final monthly payment.

Mortgage is a pretty simple method, but people are often confused with the whole terminology and the vast amount of options which can be offered with this method, but in reality there is not need to be worried. Banks work hard to provide the best possible service and they want to keep all customers satisfied, which means that you should be treated professionally and with respect in whichever bank you are using. Mortgage loan can be a big step forward in the history of any family and it is vital that you do it right, since there is a long period of repent if you do something wrong in this process.

What Is A Payday Loan?

What Is A Payday Loan?

Today’s financial situation in the world can be described as rather difficult and questionable, where people are trying to make ends meet and to balance their budget daily. Poverty and loss of jobs have become major problems and people are trying to earn only for basic essentials. They have been forced to take all sort of loans in order to survive, banks usually take those kinds of situation into their advantage and impose them high interest rates. The real question here, are we becoming the slaves of the bank, trying to return loans which force us into a greater debt?

What a payday loan represents?

This loan is made for short usage, which means you can borrow it over a short amount of time. Companies for payday loans usually use typical commercials to advertise them as means to fund shot notice purchases, at the end of the month, before pay check arrives, when everyone is short for the money. Unlike traditional loans that you will be paying off for years these loans are arranged over days and they are used as a means to overcome a gap between two salaries.

How much are you allowed to borrow?

Mostly, these loans go up to 2000 dollars, but some companies will limit the amount of the first loan. The period of time in which you are obligated to return the money is between few days up to a few month and these conditions vary from lender to lender. Some of them will offer you five days, while others five months. What’s important to mention about these loans is that lender will calculate you interest on daily level.

How big the interests are?

Let’s just say they are pretty big.  You lend a loan in amount of $200, that you are obligate to return in 14 days, when that term expires, you will owe to a lender approximately $234. If in your account the lender doesn’t finds required mean, he will charge you additional $20 for late payment. If you seek from a lender to extend that period for additional 14 days and that someone repays the loan instead of you, you will own $275. Even if after that you don’t find the means to repay a loan, he will grow up to a $368.

Why are they so questionable?

There are lot of campaigns now days against these companies that offer payday loans. Because the interests are usually quickly add up. The lenders target borrowers who are extremely vulnerable, without checking their salary balance, before they allow them to use a loan. After the borrower uses the loan that he isn’t able to repay in designed time. Not many of lenders are happy to help him out and to enable him decent conditions to return the money.

Is the criticism justified?

We are required to mention that these companies made number of omissions, regarding a payday loans and some of the researches may contribute to that. Mainly because borrower wasn’t obligated to provide documents, whether they are in position to seek and return a loan. Another omission is that interest rates aren’t been enough transparent, so the borrower can’t really know want to expect.




Payday Loans

How Payday Loan Companies can Educate Consumers

While payday loans have been around for some time now, it is still a relatively new concept for most of the people on this planet. This means that it is extremely important to educate consumers about what these loans are so as to bring about general awareness. There are many concepts in payday loans that consumers should ideally know about. So that they can benefit from them completely.

A few ways that payday loan companies can educate consumers

1.     Create comprehensive websites

Payday LoansCompanies offering such a service need to make sure that their websites are updated with all the relevant information regarding payday loans and how they can acquire them. Payday loans are indeed quick to access and the application can be sent online. However, if consumers do not know about this, then it is highly unlikely that they will go with this option. In addition to this, companies also need to make their consumers aware of the maximum amounts. That they can acquire at a single time through their service.

2.     Offer proper client servicing

While the entire process is quite simple to understand, people who are new to this might experience some difficulties while accessing this service. For this reason they might benefit from speaking to customer service representatives who should ideally be available to them 24/7. This will ensure that what questions the customers have are answered immediately.

3.     Hold seminars

Payday loan companies can also consider holding seminars for the sole purpose of educating everyone around on what payday loans are and how consumers can access them. This is especially important in countries where the concept is new and people do not know about these types of loans at all. In addition to this, you can give out pamphlets covering this topic in detail so that people understand what these loans are all about.

4.     Create awareness regarding the basic principles of borrowing

If the borrowers are ready to borrow money, then they should also have awareness regarding the basic principles of borrowing. Here are a few basic principles that need to be considered at the time of borrowing:

  • It is not feasible to borrow than you have the affordability of paying back. When emergency situations arise, people do not often have the ability to think clearly, and they then tend to take out more than they can afford to pay back.
  • Only deal with one lender at a single time. This is primarily because taking multiple loans from many lenders will lead to you having to deal with different interest rates and you would have to remember individual repayment dates.
  • Carry out a comprehensive research before you go for any kind of loan. This includes looking into the different lenders and their individual fees and rates.

Educating consumers on all aspects of borrowing and payday loans is extremely important so that consumers do not at all feel hesitant when the time for borrowing a loan comes.


Long-term loans – prolonging your debt

Going for a long term loan is a very convenient way of ensuring that you will have a prolonged duration of time to clear your debt. It is very common with lenders to give out funds to individuals with low credit ratings at higher interest rates and the repayment amounts can be real huge. Applying for a long term payday loans online will therefore come in handy in situations where money is need urgently.

Considerations when applying for a bad credit long term loan

Once you involve yourself in situations like CCJs and defaulting, a huge number of lenders will see you as a potential risk where any amount loaned out can be lost with ease. You will therefore need to convince such lenders that you are really willing to clear your debt so that they don’t have to worry about that and an easy way of doing so is to pledge collateral. You should therefore prepare some asset whose value relates to the amount you need. If the value exceeds the amount you want to take, that will only improve the situation and you will get loan without any bigger problems.

Terms and interest rates

Presently, there are many lenders who can offer you a long term bad credit loan and it is therefore wise to first go through their offers instead of rushing to seal the deal with the first one you find. Some of the things that you should keep in mind during comparison include the interest rates, the terms & conditions on the loans, the repayment programs and any extra charges that could possibly be applied. Be very careful where interest rates are unrealistically low – in such a situation, there is often a hidden catch, so be aware.

Utilizing the internet

Unlike the old days where one had to do everything manually, you can ease up the whole process of applying for a long term bad credit loan. First, the search for lenders should be pretty easy since you will find a huge number of them by searching through the web. You can then make use of comparison websites to find the best offer and this should not take you more than just a couple of minutes. Other benefits of going online include following benefits:

You will avoid boring paperwork during application 

Completing an online application form is easier and more accurate that filling a tons of papers
Approval is instant and processing is pretty fast and reliable

Installment repayments

Instead of waiting for a number of years to finally clear your debt, you can pick an installment bad credit cash advance where you will be clearing your loan in bits until the whole repayment amount is cleared. This will make it real easy to clear your debt.With a low credit score, you can get a prolonged period to clear your debt by applying for a long term bad credit loan. In this way, you will have much more time to pay off your debt.


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